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Thuraplug - The Revolutionary Plughole Cleaner

Thuraplug plughole cleaner, pronounced thorough-plug, is a revolutionary device which will change the way we clean our homes for ever. It is cheap, easy to use and reusable.

With this product you can easily ensure that your sink plughole is really clean as, instead of the cleaning product disappearing straight down the pipe, it stays just below the plughole for as long as you choose giving a thorough clean in an area which has traditionally been so hard to sanitise.

It means that you can now clean the section of pipe below the plughole and the plughole itself with ease and it also helps clean the overflow. Thuraplug plughole cleaner is a universal product which can be used anywhere - sinks, baths, showers and urinals - anywhere where there is a plughole.

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Thuraplug for a Thorough Clean

Watch The Video To See How Effective This Product Is!

Tests for hygiene using the trusted ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) bioluminescence system were carried out to test for cleanliness. Swabs taken below the plughole showed dramatic improvements using bleach and substantial improvements using white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

The major bacteria that were found on initial swab tests were e-coli, proteus and klebsiella. After using the Thuraplug with bleach the TVC count (total viable count) was reduced by over 99%.

Who Should Use The Thuraplug Cleaning System and Where?

The answer to this is anywhere cleanliness and hygiene is important. It can be used in homes, hospitals, rest homes, care homes, by cleaning companies, schools, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, caravans, boats, universities, pubs, indeed anywhere there is a plughole.

Using The Thuraplug Couldn't Be Simpler...

Pass the unique balloon pipe through the plughole and pump the handle to inflate - normally two puffs of air will suffice.

Pour in the cleaning agent of your choice up to sink level - such as bleach or a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda followed by white vinegar - and leave for ten minutes but always follow any instructions the cleaning manufacturer suggests, for safe use of their product.

Now press the release valve to deflate the balloon and hey presto you have now thoroughly cleaned away the grime, germs and bacteria. Click on the 'Cleaning the Overflow' tab on the navigation menu at the top or bottom of this page to find out how the Thuraplug plughole cleaner also helps clean the overflow section in sinks and basins, and how it helps sanitize smelly plugholes and smelly drains, even smelly shower traps and urinals.

plughole cleaner sink overflow cleaning smelly drains

Buy Now...

Stop wasting your cleaning products - just buy Thuraplug plughole cleaner today and you won't be pouring your cleaning product away anymore.. instead you will use the right amount and it will do its job properly.

Purchase the Thuraplug today for just £9.99 (inc VAT) plus £1.75 p&p.

What Our Customers Say

5 Stars
This is very effective. I was a it sceptical as to whether it would work but it seems very effective in use. I have a basin sink with a somewhat smelly overflow. Whilst I can clean the overflow with a brush and also the sink plug hole. However, the interface area is very difficult to get a brush or cleaning fluid. This device suitably 'plugs' the hole allowing cleaning fluid to be poured into the overflow filling the space above the device and essentially around the interface of the overflow and sink waste hole.
By Ernie on 20 April 2015

Effective and great value - 5 Stars
Very effective and good value device - does what it says on the tin. I have a lot of problems with smells from the overflow in my bathroom washbasins (those stupid oblong flat-bottomed types - never buying those again!) and this makes it easy to fill it up with a bleach solution.
By S. Masonon on 2 April 2015

5 Stars
Arrived ok have tried it out... works a treat.
By Ecky H on 26 February 2015

5 Stars Great
By Rose Henryon on 11 February 2015

Truly disgusting! It's amazing what lurks beneath our plug holes - 5 Stars
Well impressed with this product! Left in sink in my bathroom for about 20 mins with bleach..returned to find that all this yucky gunk had come up from under the plug hole! Truly disgusting! It's amazing what lurks beneath our plug holes! I will definitely be using this in my clients homes. Strongly recommend. (Housekeeper/domestic services)
By k closeton on 18 October 2014

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